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A homeowner in Canyon Crest wasn’t happy with how their old aluminum sliding door was performing. The door took some creative manipulation in order to get it to open.  It’s not uncommon to find that these aluminum patio doors have been installed inside out.  The slider panel should not be on the outside track.  This not only poses functionality issues, but security issues as well.  Here’s a pic:

We would typically replace this with a new, retro-fit patio door that included a Z-Bar (retro-fit flange) however, our customer had a different application in mind.  He asked if we could order the patio door without the flange so that a custom brick mould could be applied to the outside facade to match the other patio doors in his home.  NO PROBLEM! Check it out:

What you see here is a Milgard Tuscany series patio door with a 4×6 sculptured colonial grid pattern.

Though the outside looks phenomenal, the inside should look just as good, right?  Here’s the before:

And the after:

As part of our installation process, we normally use a 150MUL Cape Cod casing, but this particular customer provided their own 711 oak casing.  Even though it’s tough to catch the details, it’s not difficult to see how clean and different the new patio door looks.  Kudos to our amazing installation team.